Haunted Halloween Carriage Tour



Big Horse Carriage Co. Presents the “Haunted Halloween Carriage Tour"

Enter the Haunted Carriage Tour and enjoy the haunting of the Big Horse Carriage Company as your ride takes you into the legends and lore’s of Old Palm Springs. Designed for the whole family. Your hostess of the night is dressed in Halloween Costume and shares the spirit of ghost stories through out the tour and will introduce you to the guest of the month.  Meet the Spirit Ball, and our Headless Horseman that will ride shotgun on the carriages and be happy to pose for photos at our carriage stop.


Water and life had spiritual significance and twas the point of view of our Native Indians.  Learn the legend of Tahquitz, see the the Tahquitz Witch, tour down the haunted history of old Palm Springs.  Included is the demon in the basement, the notorious blue door, the shadow people walk the walls of the old abandon Inns.


Family Friendly. (No one will jump out to scare the guest). Step back into TV land and play the Monster Hollywood theme song trivia game. (Adams Family, Munster, Alfred Hitchcock, Bewitch, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Twilight Zone and many more).


Space is limited. The Haunted Carriage only seats 6 Reservations are recommended.

Available:  Every Friday and Saturday in October excluding American Heat Weekend “Bikers"
see Palm Springs calendar of this event.


Reservations are recommended


10 minute tour
$ 25.00 cash
$ 30.00 credit

The haunted carriage will take you to the most haunted sites starting with the demon in the basement.  On to the shadow people but don't be to afraid, the brave carriage horse will take you on to your designation, or continue on with the 20 minute tour.

20 minute tour
$ 45.00 cash
$ 50.00 credit

Continues on to the sould that lost their sould before they died.  Be brave as you see the haunted site of the historical Community Church that is rumored to have been haunted and burned by its own ghosts. The carriage tours along  and give you an overview of the history in the historic neighborhoods.  The carriage will then take you on to your designation or continue on with the 30 minute tour.

30 minute tour
$ 65.00 cash
$ 70.00 credit

Continuing you will have the opportunity to hear story of ghost that enjoy high tea with the ghost of the famous Willows Inn.   Fear not you can return to your designation or continue on with the 45 minute tour.


45 minute tour
$ 90.00 cash
$ 95.00 credit

Continues on to the grave yard of the early settlers of Palm Springs, where ghostly only in spirit, is filled with mementos of Palms Springs boisterous past, including Zadie Buncker, the female pilot that broke the sound barrier in 1961 at the age of 72 years of age,  John Guthrie McCallum, Indian Agent and founder of Palm Springs and many more pioneers of the past.

60 minute tour
$ 135.00 cash
$ 140.00 credit

the above and much more………

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