Horse Rescue

BHCC welcomes and would like to thank you for all your donations
to save these beautiful animals!

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The following rescues posted 2010

Second Chance Charlie Aka Charlie

He was rescued out of Desert Hot Springs as a yearling.

Charlie is currently a 5 year old.

Charlie suffered from malnutrition, lack of hoof care and no training.
Upon arriving at the site where he was boarded I was told he was uncatchable.
I walked out into the turnout and stood there. Charlie walked up to me and dropped his head.
I placed the halter on him and took him home. Charlie was very sick.
He suffered from sand in his belly, and could barely walk because he had not every been seen by a farrier.
After a very a great deal of expense with the local vet Charlie was feeling better.

Charlie is a wonderful horse and will be a great asset to the Big Horse Carriage Company.
He loves people and has his own fan club at Village Fest where he takes his turn at carrot night.
Charlie loves to help at the ranch but won’t let go of the rack if he can get his mouth on it.
He is a bit of a mischief maker.
He love to knock over the wheel barrel full of manure and move the pipe corrals to suit his needs. (he doesn’t like square pens).
Charles favorite past time to play tug of war with the feed bowl.(Frosty usually wins)

Charlie will soon be heading off to Horse College.
Kevin Gibson has agreed to begin his training as soon as we can raise the funds for his schooling.

Available for sponsors:


Training for one year

Dental: Teeth Floating and Wolf Teeth to be pulled


Specialty Driving Boots: Boa Boots by Easy Boot.
Danny Boy

Age: Approximately 15 years old

Breed: Welch Quarter Pony

Danny Boy’s previous owner went to college and he became forgotten.
His eyes were matted with fly larva and the corner of his mouth also.
He had to have surgery but was a true trooper and is as good as new.
Danny Boy has been part of pony club and very involved in showing.
He love to go and is very safe for any skill of rider and all ages.
Recently he was part of the Frank Bogert Memorial Rodeo in Palm Springs.
He was very proud as he carefully took his Rodeo Princess into the rodeo ground with the rodeo flag.

Danny Boy is available for adoption: Adoption fee: $1,900.00

Available for sponsors


Dental: Teeth floating

Medical Shots, worming

Feed: Special supplements for seniors

Miss Madison Avenue aka Maddie

Maddie arrived at the ranch as a yearling

Born July 4, currently 3 years old

Breed: Belgian and Hanoverian “Sport Horse”

Maddies mother was purchased through the California Draft Horse Auction in Tulare, California.
Her mother was to much to handle and the young lady decided it was in the horses best interest to sell her
and was sold to a gentleman in Anza, California.
Maddie was born, unfortunately Maddies mother was never paid for and was sold, the woman decided to pick up
the foal and brought her to our ranch. Maddie was a yearling at this time with no training and being
torn from her mother was not trusting.

Today Maddies is a very happy filly, Maddie spends her days causing all kinds of mischief and young horse play.
She loves attention and her ground work is more play time for her than work.
She has proven to be very smart and is ready to start her next step of training.

Maddie is available for adoption. Adoption fee: $2,500.00

Available for Sponsors:


Training: Saddle horse

Dental: Wolf Teeth pulled

Medical: Shots, worming (this should have also been for Charlie)